Phil McWilliams' music evokes a longing to see beyond worldly expectations, to find the "Signs of Peace" where we stand, wherever we are willing to look. Subtle harmonies and compelling rhythms are infused with a lifetime of musical experience that ranges from rock, blue grass, and folk to chanting. McWilliams is a seasoned singer/songwriter whose lyrics intentionally blur lines. When words turn to an ancient language, there's no opportunity for him to be misinterpreted. The most logical response is to disengage your left brain and simply be in the moment.  A former  member of Twisted Timber, Bag 'o Hammers and Bhakti Messenger, McWilliams nimbly brings to life a wide range of string instruments -- banjo, bass, dobro, guitar, harp and mandolin. You will want to take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy this richly organic music as McWilliams prepares to release his first solo album, "Signs of Peace."

Thursday, 28 April 2011 12:24


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